Written on 13.7.2017 This house is a fucking mad house! Filled with different noisesWhich I’m most certain are in my headAnd not the the actual house; So most pro’lly the mad house is indeed my brain. Wait! but just look at the way it is! The long unpainted walls filled with tidbits of graffiti I […]



Written on 11.8.2018This poem is about my friend who had a DJ Uncle. Everytime they went for gigs like weddings, he would bring me bouquets of Roses, Orchids, Sunflowers you name it. I was never a flower person until then. Now I’m obsessed. 🌻 *** Today a boy gave me flowers for the fourth time. […]


Written on 11.7.17 it’s the story of a friend of a friend. It’s not my story to tell but I was moved by how much we look at people and think we have them figured out while in reality we actually don’t and wouldn’t. Black eyeliner, black nails, like the colour of her hair, her […]